What is it like to work at Joyn?

Our philosophy

Our working culture is based on trust and responsibility.
Everyone can make an impact, speak freely and contribute.

Our company values

We are one team.

We act on behalf of the entire company, beyond just our own team. We encourage collaboration instead of competition, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot. We practice compassion and help each other. 

We focus on the user.

We seek out the passion, needs and context of our users by listening actively. Although we pay attention to competitors, our ultimate obsession are our users.

We put facts before ego.

We believe all data (big or small) is key to understanding our customers better. Although we sometimes need to decide with our guts, we base our decisions on facts, not ego.

We embrace change.

We face change with respect and humility and adapt to disruption. We respectfully challenge the status quo and fully commit once a final decision is taken.

We speak freely.

We build an atmosphere of trust by speaking candidly and treating others with respect. We value feedback and are not afraid of sharing our own opinion or admitting failure.

We think big.

We innovate and think differently. We push ourselves to aim high, challenge ourselves, motivate ourselves and exceed ourselves.

We own.

We feel empowered to take initiative, we value calculated risk taking and we take responsibility for our decisions. We value long-term effects over one-time success.


There are people of over 20 nationalities working at Joyn. Going beyond nationalities, we value and cherish diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. It is your talent that counts and we couldn’t imagine this in any other way.

Joyn is an equal opportunity employer and we believe that every single employee brings something valuable to the table – this is what makes us strong.


Inclusion is just as important to our success as having diverse teams. It is about authentically understanding and appreciating differences and being able to connect across these differences.

Regardless of their different backgrounds, we are constantly making sure that all employees feel accepted and are able to concentrate on their contribution to Joyn’s success.

Our partners

Global Digital Women

Global Digital Women (GDW) is a company with proven and proficient expertise in the field of “Women & Digital Professions”. What started as a small network meeting in Berlin in 2017 has grown into a pan-European organisation with over 30,000 women from the digital industry. The foundation of GDW’s work is to make career opportunities as well as the various professional possibilities that result from digitisation tangible and accessible to women. With their unique expertise in building and maintaining networks, GDW is Germany’s leading diversity company.